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When I was about 6, we lived in a small town in the south of India. My father took me a book fair and bought my first book. I read the book, and was hooked from the first minute. Almost forty years later, my fascination for the written work has not diminished.

The Duke's children

This is a part of buddy read I am doing in good reads. I am a great fan of Anthony Trollope. Started reading Dr. Thorne randomly, because it was available in the library. But I loved the way Trollope handled the characters. Then I started reading Can you Forgive her as a part of a book club. I was fascinated by the depiction of Victorian era politics and way of life. I started in earnest, from Barchester towers, I finished up the series and then the Palliser series. Trollope's women are fantastic people. I have not seen a man write about women so well. I am finishing up the Palliser series now, with the Duke's children. My goal is to be done by 2014. I would love to start with another Victorian series. Any suggestions.